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Panasonic MAJ-7 Massage Chair

Posted by Wes Miller on

In this weeks’ blog I’d like to focus on the Panasonic MAJ-7 massage chair. Like the Luraco iPlus7 I reviewed in last weeks blog, this chair is a premium product and has lots of bells and whistles. Its similar to the Panasonic MA-70 but they've increased the number of automatic massage and stretching programs, doubled the number of massage movements and upgraded to dual zone arm kneading. Panasonic also added ceramic foot heaters to incorporate warmth into the reflexology treatments.

Overall my feeling is that this chair would be great especially for folks experiencing tightness/pain in the neck and shoulder areas. This S track chair also includes body scan technology, full body air massage, heated massage rollers, roller technology that extends over the shoulders, heat therapy under the feet, and 3D rollers.



The body scan technology uses pressure sensors to scan and create a virtual map of your back, which enables the massage rollers to move precisely along the back for a personalized massage that’s tailored to the curves of your spine. Panasonic added infrared heated rollers that are intended to simulate the heat you feel from the thumbs and palms of a massage therapists’ hands. The individual massage features are adjustable from gentle to firm and up to three users can program and save their settings. Lastly, the intensity of the air cell compression, foot massage and roller massage are each independently controlled. Panasonic also has something called the “real-time 6 position and force micro processor.” This is the brain of the chair which constantly monitors and adjusts massage movements and pressure based on real-time feedback

Panasonic markets this chair as being a massage chair that can double as a recliner. Personally I just don't see that as being practical. If you want a top notch massage chair, get one. If you also want a top notch recliner get one of those too. I love my IMG recliner that I got at T.Y. Fine Furniture.


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