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The i7Plus Massage Chair by Luraco

Posted by Wes Miller on


There are certain facts in life that none of us can escape. A)We have to pay taxes. B) We all get older. C) Back pain comes with age. I can’t help with the first two but the last can really be alleviated with a great massage. With the busy lives we all have these days it isn’t always possible to get in to see a masseuse so for a lot of folks a great option is a massage chair right in your own home. I'd like to focus on the iRobotics 7 Plus, a medical massage chair created by Luraco Technologies. Luraco is a tech company dedicated to providing research, advanced technologies, and innovative products to the military, industrial, residential and commercial sectors. This chair was developed to help our soldiers who have been injured in battle, they are used in military bases and VA hospitals across the United States.

 I’ve tried a lot of massage chairs over the years and I’ve had a lot of massages from some great massage therapists. The Luraco 7 Plus is one of the top 5 chairs I've seen so far. I’m a middle aged guy who has had three spinal surgeries for blown discs and I still experience some pain caused by the scarring from those procedures. The 7 Plus will give you a deep massage around the lower back and hips that really helps loosen up the piriformis muscles, which then helps to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. So, if you are experiencing problems in your lower back and legs this chair may be for you. Frankly, the 7 Plus is great at relieving many problems, sciatica just happens to be my issue. It can help with: reducing stress, shoulder and neck pain, lower blood pressure, lesson headaches, assist with lower back pain, help with sciatic pain, sports injuries, injuries caused by accidents, boost immunity, sense of well being, and increased mobility.

A major feature that I really like is that this chair provides body swivel and twist stretching which is not found on any other massage chair currently available. This helps get to those areas where you didn't know needed relief, certainly something that not any other chair can achieve. While not unique to just this chair the full body heat (back, seat and feet) feels great too. I won’t list every feature that the chair has but here’s a link to Luraco so you can see for yourself.

There are certainly a variety of other luxury massage chairs on the market such as Inada, Human Touch and Panasonic, which we carry, and I urge you to do a lot of research before making your final purchase. Not every chair will work for every person but with the right research and by asking lots of questions you will arrive at a selection that is best for you. Its also very important that you actually try out a number of chairs so I’d like to invite you to our showroom at T.Y. Fine Furniture We are located at 4555 North High Street, Columbus OH 43214. Please call us at 855-200-3876.


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