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Cozzia CZ-629







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CZ-629 massage chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs various intelligent massage type and combinations such as Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, Rolling, Advanced 3D foot roller with rolling and scrapping for the soles, Vibration and Air Massage. New tablet features and advanced functions will give you marvelous experience.

Benefit of Massage

  • Relieves back pain, muscle tension and soreness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves headaches, migraines, and improves sleep
  • Raises Alertness
  • Promotes mental clarity and relaxation, helps to relieve anxiety and depression
  • Relieves pressure on nerves
  • Decreases tension and improves flexibility—massaging helps loosen tight and strained  muscles
  • Innovation--New tablet features such as customized massage by setting up user profile, Try-Me APP to introduce chair functions, self diagnostic system to transmit any service issues to us, warranty registration   and download updates directly from tablet etc, make it the most advanced and intelligent in the world


  • Innovation--Air compression sensors automatically measure PSI for foot and calf massage
  • Innovation--Patented touch-stop sensors in footrest for height detection automatically
  • Innovation--Advanced technique choices such as scrapping, waving, pressing, pushing, pulling and pinching
  • Innovation--21 unique auto-programs will give you marvelous experience
  • New--Advance 3D foot rollers with rolling and scrapping for the soles
  • New--Footrest extension lengthened by 2 inchs
  • New--Quich touch operations embedded in arm
  •  New--USB port available and speakers with bluetooth capability
  • New--seven chromatherapy light choices and chrome covers
  • New 3D massage mechanism that allows for a deep tissue massage, rollers can travel back and forward of almost 3 inches 
  • One touch zero gravity position  
  • Uses twin rollers to mimic the feel of the human thumb, thereby enhancing the massage experience 
  • Sixty-four air bags around the neck, shoulder, back, seat, arms, palms, calves, soles for extra comfort as it cradles the body like a glove for increased massage effectiveness 
  • Auto-scanning detects the whole body curve as well as make micro adjustments, which brings more humanistic and scientific massage enjoyment  
  • Manual massage with six options;  five levels of speed, air compression and three kinds of width adjustable respectively   
  • The buttocks vibration massage offers air bubble-like massages to your skin through gentle rhythmic vibration that helps eliminate weariness and improve overall health 
  •  Heating therapy in the lumbar 
  • Auto-timer 5-30 minutes options