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Cozzia Qi

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COZZIA Qi uses an exclusive Chair Doctor technology with sensors to measure the tension in your body and prescribes a specialized massage based on the results. We also offer a choice of thirteen pre-programmed massage and a calendar that keeps a record of your tension score results.

With the download of the COZZIA Qi app you will have access to the vast number of unique massage features in a massage chair:

Chair Doctor technology measures the tension from your body and prescribes the perfect de-stress Vario Motion Massage treatment/programs.


  • 13 world-wide pre-programs.
  • Keep track of your tension score and improvements through score history chart.
  • Bluetooth speaker for music.
  • 4D Human-like Vario Motion™ Robot
  • The most advanced and human-like massage robot on the market that simulates human therapeutic element of adding variable rhythm and heating therapy in the massage actions
  • World’s first and only massage chair with the Chair Doctor technology
  • 5 inches 3D node extension, 6 unique massage technics, and various massage speeds to resemble the ultra hand-like massage experience
  • Diverse robot movements in combination of space and speed, creating a 4D massage experience with a minimum massage area of 2mm
  • Exclusive Chair Doctor Technology measures the tension from your body via scanning sensor and prescribes the perfect treatment using Vario Motion™ technology to help de-stress
  • Downloadable massage app from the Apple Store to get vast number of unique massage program options
  • Keep track of your tension score and improvements through score history chart
  • Quick and precise body tension scanning
  • Full back acupoint heating
  • Ability to fit all body types and sizes
  • Quick-access buttons embedded in armrest
  • Adjust backrest and footrest at any desirable position
  • 13 world-wide pre-programs
  • 4 unique partial stretching programs and 1 whole body stretching program
  • Unique custom massage options
  • Shoulders and hands massage 
  • Hip and thigh massage
  • Foot and sole roller massage
  • Calve acupressure air massage
  • Colorful LED light-therapy
  • ·Bluetooth speaker for music
  • ·Child protection safety lock