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Inada Dreamwave VS. Luraco IRobitics 7 i7

Inada Dreamwave Comparison
When shopping for a top of the line Medical grade massage chair, most people find themselves comparing the two largest players in the market. We have found that most product comparisons were made using spec sheets and not much else, in this exercise we are going to go into a little more detail, and account for which features actually work and are beneficial in real world use.In our many years of experience as a Premium Massage Chair Store, we have found that the premium level starts and ends with INADA and Luraco. No one else really competes quite like these two excellent brands. Both are Medically Rated and Approved Massage Chairs, both have seemingly similar features, and both have similar prices. 
Feature Inada Dreamwave Luraco I7 IRobotics 7 Description
User Weight If you fit, no problem 300 lbs I would say 300 lbs is a good functional limit for most chairs. Plenty of users beyond 300lbs have purchased these chairs, I would just anticipate servicing the chair a little more often if you are over the limit. 
User Height 6' 5" 6' 7" I am 6'3" and do not find one chair more comfortable than the other. I have staff at 6' 7" that use the Dreamwave more then the Luraco. So I would consider them both excellent for tall users regardless of what the manufacturer specs might say. 
Warranty 3 Year in home parts and labor. 5 year upgrade for $500 3 year in home, 5 year parts.  Both do a great job with warranty, Luraco seems a little less generous with their warranty, they also do not transfer their warranty on showroom models or used models. 
Air Cells 100 80-100? Inada has more in the back and arms where Luraco uses more in the legs. At one point Luraco had 80, then suddenly they showed 100, but nothing seems different. 
S-Track YES YES Both Feature S Track systems that are very similar. I find S track to be far superior in use and comfort to L Track chairs. 
Country Of Origin Japan America

Both feature excellent engineering, but Inada wins with a longer history and therefore more refined function. 

Rollers 4 2

Inada has 4 independent rollers over Luraco's 2, big difference in feel and function. 

History  Founded 1962

Founded 2005

Big age difference between both companies. You can read into it however you like. Luraco does fight a little harder because they are a bit of an underdog, but who doesn't love the underdog? On the flip side, Inada has had a long time to refine their technology and their much higher volume in sales means easier and faster service and shipping. 

Body Scan Excellent


Both Scan very well and thoroughly. Luraco scans much slower, but their better remote allows you to save your user settings. Inada does a better job of making the scan less noticeable, the Luraco scan part of the massage can get tiring after a few uses. 

Remote Good


The Inada remote is definitely older technology with no touch screen. This makes it less user friendly, but more responsive due to solid state buttons. The Luraco remote is one of their strong suits. It is very intuitive and user friendly with a touch screen. I have had instances where the touch screen seems not very responsive, but it pays off in ease of use. 

On board Diagnostics Excellent 


I have had to service both chairs over the years. The Inada brand has needed less service in our experience. In the few repair instances, diagnostics gave us a code and we were able to quickly get the customer back up to speed quickly. On the Luraco chairs we have had more minor issues, more often requiring a reboot. In one instance a chair did require a major repair and the diagnostics didn't seem to offer any assistance. Definitely more frustration for everyone involved as we essentially had to replace 50% of the chair by guessing. 

Material Ok


Luraco ships every chair with Real Leather on all touch points, Inada ships most chairs with PVC material. You can upgrade to Leather with Inada for $1000 extra and you are limited to black only. In use, the Leather vs PVC issue has not been a big deal for most buyers. The PVC used with Inada is some of the finest material I have ever seen on a Massage Chair. PVC does benefit from Easy Cleaning, but who doesn't love leather?

Foot Massage Ok


Luraco wins every time on foot massage with thier rollers and multiple air bags. Their leg rest length is furthermore motorized, giving a very precise fit for both short and tall users alike. Inada's leg rest has springs, so taller users have to push down to extend the leg rest. Luraco had 2 rollers on the bottom of each foot, if you like a foot rub more than back or shoulder, this is the chair for you. 


Shoulder Massage Excellent Ok Inada wins on shoulder massage function. Their larger headrest stays put, and delivers an excellent should rub that is easily adjustable. The Dreamwave also massages the back of your head and neck for truly dreamy experience. The Luraco headrest is simply too small and light for my appreciation, I find that it slides away from your shoulders during massage and simply struggles to really dig in when needed.