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Panasonic EP-MA73

  • $7,999.00


  • Enjoy a 3D massage with relaxing, multi-directional rollers
  • Soothing, double-heated rollers simulate hot-stone therapy
  • Six pre-set programs offer deep, Shiatsu, hip and other massages
  • Choose from eight massage chair manual programs to match your day and mood
  • Warranty - 5 years parts, 3 years labor

The Ultimate Full-Body Massage Chair Experience: Relax, Rejuvenate, Invigorate

Precise, Customized Targeting with Body Scanning System & Multi-Directional RollersInternal sensors in this luxury, full-body massage chair automatically scan your body to create a virtual map of your body's contours t to guide multi-directional rollers to precise locations along the back and spine. The Real Pro Ultra™ Massage Chair identifies pressure points along the body and returns a personalized massage designed specifically for your body. The multi-directional rollers simulate human touch and also help to stretch and increase circulation to soothe and relax tense, tired muscles.

Soothing, Double-Heated Rollers Simulate Hot Stone TherapyDouble-heated multi-directional rollers deliver concentrated warmth and relaxing pressure to the neck, back and shoulders to simulate hot stone therapy. The direct heat of the rollers helps to melt away tension and ease stiff muscles allowing the massage chair to deliver a deeper massage. Heat during a massage is also intended to encourage blood flow throughout the body, reduce stress and increase flexibility in the joints.

UltraKnead™ Replicates a Masseuse's Japanese Junetsu TechniquesJunetsu massage is one of the best methods for relaxing tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. Rejuvenating rollers traverse the individual contours of your back - from neck to waist - to gently press, knead, loosen and invigorate tight muscles in much the same way a professional masseuse performs a relaxing, restorative Junetsu massage.

Enjoy Focused Stimulation for Soothing Hands, Hips, Legs and FeetThe Real Pro Ultra™ Massage Chair is fully-loaded with air ottomans and kneading technology to gently press and massage the hands, legs and feet to replicate human touch. Hand and arm massagers in the armrests, plus airbags within the chair's midsection, invigorate muscles in the hips and thighs. The foot ottoman is equipped with airbags, movement for light stretching and kneading in the foot soles to provide stimulation and relief for tired, overworked legs and feet.

Easy-to-Use Advanced Massage SettingsAn easy-to-use remote control allows you to select from six pre-set and six manual massage programs with a single touch of a button. Preset massage options include:
Refresh: A light, revitalizing massage utilizing tapping. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up to restore energy to the body.
Deep: A soothing massage course kneads and loosens tired, stiff muscles.
Shiatsu: Provides strong, relaxing, deep-tissue pressure and stretching using two massage heads.
Hip: Sophisticated torso and pelvic massage technique kneads the back muscles while airbags loosen the trunk muscles.
Neck/Shoulder: A simulating yet soothing course relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles.
Lower Back: A middle to lower back massage course. Perfect for relief after a long day at work or play.

Best Full Body Massage from Head to ToeSeat and Hips: Compresses and soothes buttocks, outer thighs and waist. Includes a soft, adjustable hip acupoint module.
Calves: Applies gentle pressure to relieve tightness and enhance circulation.
Arms and Shoulders: Gradually stretches shoulder muscles to remove tension and enhance flexibility.
Arms and Palms: Applies targeted pressure, motion and warmth to relieve tension.
Leg Stretch: Alleviates stiffness in the lower back, hips and thighs. A unique airbag system in the ottoman portion of the massage chair uniformly pressures the lower legs as they are lowered and raised in 20-degree increments.
Reflexology: Delivers a professional-style, personalized foot massage. The EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra™ Massage Chair utilizes adjustable and removable plates to sooth and stimulate the vital reflex points in your feet to enhance energy and blood flow throughout your body.